Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena


TSK 2018 is the 17th Symposium of Tectonics, Structural Geology and Crystalline Geology.

This symposium is meant to become an interdisciplinary scientific event, aimed at providing an opportunity to present and discuss new advancements in tectonics, structural geology and the geology of crystalline rocks. To this end, contributions from a wide range of disciplines dealing with tectonic processes are encouraged. We accept contributions in structural geology and tectonics, tectonic geomorphology, geology of sedimentary basins, metamorphic and magmatic processes, geochronology and timing tectonic events, geophysics and geodesy, etc.

TSK, held for the first time in Tübingen in 1986, has a focus on tectonic processes. Traditionally, the symposium is meant to offer young, starting geoscientists a stage to present their research. We therefore especially like to win over PhD students and post-docs as well as undergraduate students to actively contribute to the symposium. Of course, we also address the more experienced scientist and hope to create fresh momentum from the benefit created by mutual learning.

The TSK 2018 is hosted at Friedrich Schiller University Jena, in the city of light, Jena.