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Field trips  

Field trips

Pre-conference field trip (19 March 2018): "Tectonic structures around Jena viewed from atop"

This field trip will provide an afternoon footwalk from downtown Jena up to the surrounding hilltops. Participants will gain an overview of the city's tectonic setting amidst the Thuringian syncline, including scenic panoramic views.

Excursion leader: Kamil Ustaszewski, Jena.

Start: 19 March, 16:00 Markt, Jena.

6 €.


Post-conference field trip (24-25 March 2018): "Deformation and metamorphism in the Saxothuringian units of the Variscan orogen"

This field trip will focus on the Devonian to Carboniferous tectonometamorphic evolution of continental units deformed during the Variscan orogeny. We will visit numerous classical sites in the Erzgebirge (Saxony), affected by (U)HP-metamorphic overprint of continental basement, as well as the type locality of granulite-facies rocks. Kindly note that we will spend one night in the Erzgebirge (included in the field trip fee).

Excursion leader: Kamil Ustaszewski, Jena.

Start: 24 March, 08:00 Inselplatz, Jena

End: 25 March, ~18:00 Inselplatz, Jena

90 € incl. transport and one overnight stay in the Erzgebirge.


Burg Rabenstein (Saxony), exposing a retrograde amphibolite- to greenschist-facies shear zone developed in Early Palaeozoic schists. The shear zone forms part of a low-angle extensional detachment which led to unroofing of granulite-facies rocks in the adjacent Saxonian Granulite Massif (type locality of granulites!).